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Virtual Technical Services℠

Virtual Technical Services℠ is an innovative, responsible method of delivering solutions without the impact of traditional travel or time lost while waiting for Technical Support.

Through the use of digital methods, the GlasFab Architectural Consulting team can address your immediate support needs utilizing Smartphone, Video Chat and Web-based communication. The various methods and pricing structure are as follows:

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GlasFab Provides the Following Services:

Virtual Certification Compliance Assistance to Meet

  • Insulated Glass Certification Council – IGCC/IGMA
  • Safety Glazing Certification Council – SGCC, heat-treated & Laminated
  • Miami Dade County – MDC compliance
  • ASTM-compliance (as a baseline)
  • ANSI-Z26 & Z97
  • CPSC 16 CFR 1201 (no longer required)
  • ASTM C 1048, C 1172, C 1376 as well as EN standards compliance

Commercial & Residential Virtual Jobsite Assistance with Product Inspection

  • Construction site and/pre-glazing/shop glazing compliance
  • Product representation using applicable ASTM, GANA/IGMA Industry Standards and/or Manufacturers Specifications and requirements
  • Water migration/mitigation-glazing/framing/installation
  • Commercial and residential building code compliance

Virtual Plant Process Analysts Inclusive of

  • Potential production opportunities & improvements i.e. Glass optimizations, scoring, edge deletion, breakout, seaming, handling, heat-treat oven load efficiencies, manufacture of laminated glass; washing, interlayer/types storage/handling/cutting/stacking/surface prep/layup by types, racking, auto clave, insulating glass; washers, spacer handling, types/bending, edge deletion, PIB application, spacer placements, gas filling, unit press and secondary sealing inclusive of all applicable internal/external compliance expectations as well third party compliance testing requirements.
  • Product quality expectations and procedures & process quality programs; QSM, 5S etc.
  • Box to box yield improvements “starting at the beginning”
  • Complete Technical Review of all plant operations with supporting options for improvement where applicable.

Virtual Equipment Performance and Preventative Maintenance

  • CNC Auto cutting and Auto/manual seaming systems
  • Heat-treating ovens
  • Heat soak ovens
  • Insulating Glass lines vertical/manual
  • Laminating Glass processes/tac ovens
  • Glass grinding & polishing
  • Water jet/laser
  • Ceramic frit, ink application/cure ovens

Virtual Production Operation & Operator Training

  • Heat-treating processes – tempering, heat-strengthening, heat-soaking, gloss measurements
  • Laminated Glass Process and Assemblies
  • Insulating Glass Process and Assembly
  • Ceramic frit-spandrel & silk Screening
  • Operator training pertaining to obtainment of process operational and technical knowledge

Virtual Quality Assurance & Quality Management Systems

  • Understanding and or implementation of ASTM Standards on the plant floor and/or sales office
  • Analysis and determination of defect origin and corrective/preventative methods
  • Process and/or plant specific quality training and process manuals
  • Developing a Quality Management System
  • Product packaging, racking and crating

Our goal is to provide you a comprehensive pre-defined list of offerings; however,
we can tailor a combination of solutions to meet your company’s needs.

We look forward to supporting you!

The GFA Team