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GlasFab Architectural – Glossary and Descriptions

Written Opinion — an informal assessment of a single issue delivered in memo-style through email.

Commentary — a single conversation between GFA and the customer of a single issue. No written documentation is included.

Single Issue — a singular subject or event

Technical Report — a formal 1-5 page written assessment of a single issue delivered as an attachment.

Video Chat — a digital method of conversation using video recording devices such as PCs, smartphones or tablets.

Virtual Walk-Thru — a LIVE digital video chat between GFA and the customer regarding a single issue via a smartphone or table. Internet
capability and access required.

Virtual Technical Support℠- (VTS℠) — a method of solving problems without the high costs of travel for on-site visits. VTS℠ allows you to bring GFA into your facility and have virtual face-to-face meetings or tailor online solutions without being physically present. It is an accessible, simple and cost-efficient way to get questions professionally answered and issues resolved.

Method of VTS℠

In order to enable VTS℠, you will need a smartphone or tablet with a functioning camera and microphone, and an internet connection, either through cellular service or WIFI. (WIFI preferred)

You will receive an invitation to join a Video Chat with our GFA Subject Matter Expert at which point you will have LIVE video chat to discuss and show our SME your issue in detail. By utilizing your smartphone or tablet you can take us though your facility and to your equipment.