Providing Operational & Technical Support for the Improvement of Process Operations, Equipment Maintenance, Product Quality and Customer Service through Virtual Technical ServicesSM.

GlassFab Architectural Consulting specializes in all facets of Architectural Glass manufacturing from the float line to glass processing to project application.

We focus on delivering measurable improvement to daily operations, operator efficiency, product quality, reduced material costs, and increased product throughput. We accomplish these through a series of evaluations and recommendations:

  • Primary product review
  • Equipment process capability determination
  • Equipment functionality and efficiency review
  • Process controls review
  • Operator knowledge-base assessment
  • Management interviews
  • Process-owner interviews

A report of findings and recommendations is then prepared outlining areas of 1) immediate need, 2) segments where improvement could deliver near-term results, and 3) considerations for long-term best-practices. Each and every customer program is unique and held confidential, so you can feel confident your trade secrets and methods remain your competitive advantage.

The Technical Reviews are written in a clear, concise, step-by-step, easy to follow format for each specified segment, and include instructions for procedural, mechanical or physical implementation. Upon receipt, you select which items you want to address and establish a priority timeline. Once the process solutions are developed and in place, a follow up review will be performed to confirm their execution, and determine next steps.
While glass fabricators are our primary client we also offer the following adjacent services:

  • Glazing Contractors: Project review and consultation
  • Architects: Pre and Post-bid consultation
  • General Contractors: Project consultation
  • Building Owners: Forensics and consultation

To learn more about our services and their methods of delivery, go to the VTS℠ page.